Marika Ashtanga Yoga, Niseko Japan

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60 min (Level 1) class
  • Drop in (一回) ¥1,500​ // 5 times pass (五回) ¥5,500 (valid 3 months)

90 min (Level 2 and Level 3) class
  • Drop in (一回) ¥1,800 // 5 times pass (五回) ¥6,500 (valid 3 months)

  • Drop in (一回)  ¥2,000 // 5 times pass (五回) ¥7,500 (valid 3 months)

Mat rental ¥200



  • Reservations recommended for classes at Gentemstick Gallery and Sokougun Warehouse. Space is limited and allocated to reservations first then a first come first served basis.

  • No reservation required for Level 1 and Level 3 classes at Niseko Chomin centre.


Reservations are taken from one week before the class. If you have reserved but cannot attend please make sure to cancel your reservation

Mysore class


Mysore class is a supervised ‘self practice’ class. The ashtanga yoga method is based on a set series of postures, so in Mysore class you practice the series of postures (eventually from memory) and the teacher assists each students individually with physical adjsutments and verbal instruction. It is suitable for all levels including beginners