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Class Descriptions

Half Primary (Led)

This is a 60 minute led class, the sequence of poses is based on half primary series. It is suitable for all including those new to Ashtanga Yoga.


Full Primary (Led)

This is a 90 minute led class of the full primary series (the first series of Ashtanga Yoga). This class is challenging and previous experience of Ashtanga yoga is recommended. 


Mysore Class

Traditional non led format, where each practitioner practices the set sequence of Ashtanga yoga. Memorisation of the sequence is the eventual goal but is not a pre-requisite to join the class. Practitioners receive individual instruction within a group setting and the practice is adapted specifically for each student. The name ‘Mysore’ comes from the city in India where Ashtanga was first taught to westerners.


For enquiries email : 

call 080-3291-8598

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