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Level 1 Yoga Immersion course 1 - 12 June 2020

I am putting on a short Level 1 yoga immersion course from 1 - 12 June. This is aimed at complete beginners, those newer to Ashtanga yoga, or those who have had a long break from yoga. (It’s equivalent to the level 1 classes I normally teach).

The first step with Ashtanga yoga is to familiarise yourself with the postures and the sequence and get used to movement with your own breath. A regular practice is a great way to commit the sequence to memory with prompts more than step by step instruction for the sequence, and with the repetition of frequent classes over the two weeks you find yourself learning much faster than you would otherwise.

There will be 8 sessions grouped into 4 blocks of 2 sessions. In each block, we will start with a led session and then in the second session move towards a more independent style of class where you practice at your own pace with individual instruction from the teacher (this style of class is called a Mysore class). While I will not be at the front of the class leading the group together I will be there to help whenever you need. This style of practice is the traditional way to learn and allows each student to customise the practice for their body and for them to quickly be able to practice independently. Remembering the sequences is not a prerequisite or expected immediately at all - this is a process and I am here to teach you along the way.

Please note I will only run the course if I can get minimum number of attendants so please spread the word to your friends!

Dates: June 1 - 12 2020


Time: 4pm - 5pm

A: Monday 1st June / Tuesday 2nd June

B: Thursday 4th June /Friday 5th June

C: Monday 8th June/Tuesday 9th June

D:  Thursday 11th June /Friday 12th June

Each class duration: 1 hour

—— Venue: Tomo Restaurant Building - at the Orchards, Niseko ——

Price (pre booked classes only) 7,000 All 8 sessions 5,500 3 Blocks (6 x classes) 4,000 2 Blocks (4 x classes) 2,200 1 Block (2 x classes) Total cost payable on the first attended session in cash. —— Bookings: Spaces are limited. Please book soon to avoid disappointed.  Email me please with the sessions you would like to attend.

—— Cancellation Policy: I have limited spaces and kept classes small so please understand that once booked, sessions are non refundable if cancelled. However If you’d like to swap a session for another time slot than that maybe possible if there is space. Any questions please feel free to drop me a line.


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