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Workshops with Phil Douglas 6th and 7th Jan

Workshops with Phil Douglas 6th and 7th Jan at the Chomin Centre.

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Sat 6th Jan 16:00 - 18:00

Pathway to unlocking all leg behind head postures - Focusing on forward folds and hip opening

Sun 7th Jan 16:00 - 18:00

Front body Opening, Back body Strength (..backbends)



In the beginning stages of practice, all asana are “advanced” in that they pose a significant physical blockage to the student. Taking the approximate shape of the posture may not be possible, let alone maintaining the breath and experiencing the mind in its natural state.

As practice develops, and the student becomes comfortable and stable in these postures they may realise that “advanced” just means postures they have not learned to become comfortable in- yet. Once these postures have been integrated, they are no longer “advanced”- they are simply part of the individual’s movement repertoire.

As there are only a certain number of major joints in the body- with certain degrees of mobility at each joint- there is a limited number of joint positions and expressions of these in the number of asana forms available. “Advanced” postures are often just deeper expressions of these basic joint positions.

If you do NOT have the fundamental openings of the basic positions you will have a hard time enjoying postural practice. Once you understand these basic openings required- it is then easier to develop them more fully (if desired) into the “Advanced” ranges.

This workshop will highlight WHAT these fundamental openings are and HOW to work towards them. Forward bending, hip opening will be covered in the first session & backbending in the 2nd session. We will aim to give pathways to safely develop beyond the usual sticking points in the first series of Ashtanga. Time will be available at the end for Q&A for specific postural requests.

Open to ALL levels- with the aim that all levels will be able to benefit* from this sharing of the asana cheat codes. Launch your asana journey or unlock the big bad boss level. Take your journey without goal to the next level! Then realise there was nothing to be completed. But be utterly transformed by the process.*guaranteed! No refunds though.

More about Phil here:


Location: Chomin center, Niseko Town (Upstairs room 2)


Price ¥5000 per workshop


Level: All levels welcome but a consistent practice is required.


Spaces: Limited. Book your place soon.


Booking: email

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