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May 2023 Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore course 16-25 May

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a dynamic practice which synchronises breath with movement. The form is based on a set sequence of postures which are designed to be practiced regularly and committed to memory so that the practitioner can move their focus internally and eventually turn their practice into a moving meditation. The first step with the Ashtanga yoga method is to familiarise yourself with the postures and the sequence and get used to movement with your own breath. A regular practice is a great way to commit the sequence to memory with prompts more than step by step instruction for the sequence. With the repetition of frequent classes in a short space of time, the chance to memorise the majority of the sequence is much higher. Mysore style class is the traditional way Ashtanga is taught, and allows each practitioner to practice at their own pace with their own breath with individual instruction from the teacher. The emphasis is on empowering each student with their own practice rather than being led as a group.

In this course you will learn the basics of the ashtanga practice, and start to familiarise yourself with the poses and sequence of half primary series, and how to adapt the practice to your own body.

This is aimed at complete beginners, those who practice half primary series, or those who have had a long break from yoga and would like to get back into practice. —— Dates: 5 sessions

Week 1 Tues 16/Thr 18/Fri 19

Week 2 Tues 23/Thr 25

Sessions: Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm —— Venue: Yamakei building in Hirafu

Option to come to 3 sessions or 5 sessions

3 sessions ¥4,000

5 sessions ¥6,000

Bonus: Book by May 12th, credit for 1 regular class for 3 sessions.

Book all 5 sessions and get credit for 2 regular classes.

*Credits can only apply after the course —— Bookings: Spaces are limited. Please book soon to avoid disappointment. 08032918598

予約方法: 人数制限がある為、メールにてお早めにご予約下さい。 08032918598

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